Bartholomew Abromaitis

Baltramiejus’ (Bartholomew’s) Abromaitis death record in the metrics of Simnas parish (No.34).

He died in 1933 on May 5th. 

He was 86 years old. Widower, a former farmer. He was born and lived in a village Kovalčiukai. His father was Andrius (Andrew) Abromaitis. His mother was Ona (Anna) Kubiliūtė (her maiden name) Abromaitienė. After Baltramiejus’ death his sons and daughters remained: – Antanas (Anton), 36 years old, – Jonas (John), 35 (?) years old, – Vladas (Vlad), 28 years old, – Marijona (Mary), 50 years old, – Ieva (Eve), 48 years old, – Morta (Martha), 45 years old, – Petronė, 30 years old, – Julijona (Juliana), 26 years old, – Izabelė (Isabella), 24 years old, – Rozalija, 41 year old. He is buried in the cemetery of town Simnas.

His daughter:

This document is written in Latin. This is an extract from the birth of metrics.

Morta Izabelė (Martha Isabel) (she had two names) Abromaičiūtė (an old Lithuanian unmarried girls’ surnames form; now it would be Abromaitytė) was christened in 1889 on 20 August in the church of Simnas. Her parents are Baltramiejus (Bartholomew) Abromaitis and Liucija (Lucy) Eidukaitė (her maiden name – Eidukas’ daughter) . They lived in province Suvalkai

Dean Kalvarija

Parish Krokialaukis (it is a neighboring parish to parish of Simnas)

village Gluoksninkai

Bartholomew is not a brother of our Peter, but perhaps a cousin.


Lesson in DNA research

I posted the following question on Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society on Facebook:

“If anyone has information on Abromaitis, Bubelis, Kavaliauskaitė, Kalčinskaitė, Vaskaitė, please contact me.”

I was contacted by a man with the last name Waskelis.
“I have a Vaškevičius DNA match that comes from Simnas area. I’m wondering if Vaškevičius may be related to Vaskaite?” He also had Bubelis matches.

I compared his kits to mine and my brothers on gedmatch. No matches.

Then I checked Family Tree DNA.
No match for me to his names.
Then I found it:  his great aunt and my brother matched.

Sure enough, I went back to gedmatch to find his aunt, and again, she matched my brother but not me.

Not a new lesson, but an important one:  test multiple family members, and use multiple matching sources:, Family Tree DNA, and gedmatch.



Marriage record of Peter Abromitis and Anna Kovelesky, 1890, Lithuania

to a Facebook Lithuanian genealogy group. A very helpful man in Lithuania provided us the marriage record of my great grandparents which gave us the names of their parents.

He found the record at:

This is the record:



Short translation of the wedding record from Russian:

The marriage took place in the church of Simnas on 25 November 1890.
The bridegroom is Petras (Peter) Abromaitis. A unmarried man. A son of journeyman. He was born and lives in the village Skovagaliai. (This village was in the parish Simnas. The town Simnas is in Alytus district now.) He is 27 years old. His parents – Juozas (Joseph) Abromaitis and Teresė (Theresa) Vaskaitė (her maiden name) Abromaitienė. Father and mother live in the village Skovagaliai.

The bride is Ona Kavaliauskaitė. A unmarried girl. A maidservant. A truck farmer’s daughter. She was born and lives in the village Skovagaliai. She is 22 years old. Ona’s parents are Jurgis (George) Kavaliauskas and Marcelė Kalčinskaitė (her maiden name) Abromaitienė. They live in the village Skovagaliai.



Abromitis/Abromaitis families in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Abromitis/Abromaitis families in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

To date, we have identified 6 Abromitis/Abromaitis families (edited to 6 on Sept 29, 1917) who settled in Schuylkill Co., PA in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Four have been DNA tested, and we have not found any DNA matches between families.

We are looking for descendants or any of these families – or those who suspect they may be – to help us with research and further DNA testing.

Jacky Abromitis

Jacky.abromitis @

  1. Minersville Family 1 – DNA tested


Peter Abromitis/Anna Kavaulinakas (Kovelesky)

  1. Minersville Family 2 – DNA tested


Francis Clement (“Frank”) Abromaitis /Stella Grabarak

(moved to Philadelphia)

  1. Tamaqua Family – DNA tested

Frank Abromaitis (1849)/ Marijona Stanulis (abt 1854)

Son, Frank, was said to have remained in Lithuania.

  1. Mahanony/Tamaqua

Frank born abt 1878 married to Petronel born about 1880

NOT the son of Frank Abromaitis (1849)/Marion Stanulis (abt 1854)?
No further info.

  1. Girardville Family – DNA tested

Joseph M. Abromitis (1884–1965)/ Mary Senuta (1888–1981)

From Lois Abromitis Mackin:

I recently learned that Rev Peter Abromaitis (1854-1911), pastor of several R.C. churches in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, was the brother of Dr Joseph Abromaitis (1867-1927) of Baltimore and Waitekus Abromaitis (1866-?), also of Baltimore. There was another brother named Frank who seems not to have immigrated to the U.S. Rev Peter was ordained in Suvalkija gub. I don’t know where he was born. Dr Joseph’s naturalization paper says he was born in “Solceniki.” Rev Peter’s DC says his parents were Joseph Abromaitis and Catharine Kubilus.

6. Shenandoah Family –

John Abromaitis came to Shenandoah in either 1894, 1895 or 1896 based on census data. His son Luis was born in Suwalki in 1892 per his naturalization documents.

From 1900 Census Borough of Shenandoah (District 7 Enum. district 164 Sheet 3) Line 63

Abromaitis John born June 1860, etc.
wife Agnes, children Luis, Annie, Agnes,
boarder (blurred, could be brother) Chas. Abromaitis

The family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan around 1907.