Abromitis/Abromaitis families in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Abromitis/Abromaitis families in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

To date, we have identified 6 Abromitis/Abromaitis families (edited to 6 on Sept 29, 1917) who settled in Schuylkill Co., PA in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Four have been DNA tested, and we have not found any DNA matches between families.

We are looking for descendants or any of these families – or those who suspect they may be – to help us with research and further DNA testing.

Jacky Abromitis

Jacky.abromitis @ gmail.com

  1. Minersville Family 1 – DNA tested


Peter Abromitis/Anna Kavaulinakas (Kovelesky)


  1. Minersville Family 2 – DNA tested


Francis Clement (“Frank”) Abromaitis /Stella Grabarak

(moved to Philadelphia)


  1. Tamaqua Family – DNA tested

Frank Abromaitis (1849)/ Marijona Stanulis (abt 1854)

Son, Frank, was said to have remained in Lithuania.


  1. Mahanony/Tamaqua

Frank born abt 1878 married to Petronel born about 1880


NOT the son of Frank Abromaitis (1849)/Marion Stanulis (abt 1854)?
No further info.

  1. Girardville Family – DNA tested

Joseph M. Abromitis (1884–1965)/ Mary Senuta (1888–1981)


From Lois Abromitis Mackin:

I recently learned that Rev Peter Abromaitis (1854-1911), pastor of several R.C. churches in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, was the brother of Dr Joseph Abromaitis (1867-1927) of Baltimore and Waitekus Abromaitis (1866-?), also of Baltimore. There was another brother named Frank who seems not to have immigrated to the U.S. Rev Peter was ordained in Suvalkija gub. I don’t know where he was born. Dr Joseph’s naturalization paper says he was born in “Solceniki.” Rev Peter’s DC says his parents were Joseph Abromaitis and Catharine Kubilus.

6. Shenandoah Family –

John Abromaitis came to Shenandoah in either 1894, 1895 or 1896 based on census data. His son Luis was born in Suwalki in 1892 per his naturalization documents.

From 1900 Census Borough of Shenandoah (District 7 Enum. district 164 Sheet 3) Line 63

Abromaitis John born June 1860, etc.
wife Agnes, children Luis, Annie, Agnes,
boarder (blurred, could be brother) Chas. Abromaitis

The family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan around 1907.


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