Bartholomew Abromaitis

Baltramiejus’ (Bartholomew’s) Abromaitis death record in the metrics of Simnas parish (No.34).

He died in 1933 on May 5th. 

He was 86 years old. Widower, a former farmer. He was born and lived in a village Kovalčiukai. His father was Andrius (Andrew) Abromaitis. His mother was Ona (Anna) Kubiliūtė (her maiden name) Abromaitienė. After Baltramiejus’ death his sons and daughters remained: – Antanas (Anton), 36 years old, – Jonas (John), 35 (?) years old, – Vladas (Vlad), 28 years old, – Marijona (Mary), 50 years old, – Ieva (Eve), 48 years old, – Morta (Martha), 45 years old, – Petronė, 30 years old, – Julijona (Juliana), 26 years old, – Izabelė (Isabella), 24 years old, – Rozalija, 41 year old. He is buried in the cemetery of town Simnas.

His daughter:

This document is written in Latin. This is an extract from the birth of metrics.

Morta Izabelė (Martha Isabel) (she had two names) Abromaičiūtė (an old Lithuanian unmarried girls’ surnames form; now it would be Abromaitytė) was christened in 1889 on 20 August in the church of Simnas. Her parents are Baltramiejus (Bartholomew) Abromaitis and Liucija (Lucy) Eidukaitė (her maiden name – Eidukas’ daughter) . They lived in province Suvalkai

Dean Kalvarija

Parish Krokialaukis (it is a neighboring parish to parish of Simnas)

village Gluoksninkai

Bartholomew is not a brother of our Peter, but perhaps a cousin.


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