Lesson in DNA research

I posted the following question on Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society on Facebook:

“If anyone has information on Abromaitis, Bubelis, Kavaliauskaitė, Kalčinskaitė, Vaskaitė, please contact me.”

I was contacted by a man with the last name Waskelis.
“I have a Vaškevičius DNA match that comes from Simnas area. I’m wondering if Vaškevičius may be related to Vaskaite?” He also had Bubelis matches.

I compared his kits to mine and my brothers on gedmatch. No matches.

Then I checked Family Tree DNA.
No match for me to his names.
Then I found it:  his great aunt and my brother matched.

Sure enough, I went back to gedmatch to find his aunt, and again, she matched my brother but not me.

Not a new lesson, but an important one:  test multiple family members, and use multiple matching sources: Ancestry.com, Family Tree DNA, and gedmatch.




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